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2 months ago

Getting SmartBear Test Extension is not Installed or is Disabled - Error message

I reinstalled TestComplete today and now I'm facing the issue 'Test Extension is not Installed or is Disabled'. However, the extension is available in Chrome. Please help me understand what is causing the issue and how to resolve it.



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    In the following path on your computer:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartBear\TestComplete 15\Bin\Extensions\tcCrExtension

    You have the following .bat files you can run manually per desired browser to set if that will enable you extension in your browser.

    • DisableChromeExtension.bat
    • DisableEdgeExtension.bat
    • EnableChromeExtension.bat
    • EnableEdgeExtension.bat
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    Either perform a full uninstallation of TC, and then install again. Or, see About SmartBear Test Extension

    From TC v15.55.53.7 onwards, TC has been unstable.

    The orange symbol on the icon indicates that you have cooperate policy settings

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    Is it actually enabled? What's the extension version?

    What version of TC do you have?

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      TC version  - 15.57.2
      Extension version  - 14.0.0
      Yes, its showing on, Please check below screenshot

      Also there is no remove extension is available, Please check below image