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15 years ago

Getting "Failure creating file" error when calling DDT.ExcelDriver


Need help on solving the issue below:

I keep getting this error "Failure creating file" when calling the DDT.ExcelDriver code.

Driver = DDT.ExcelDriver(Project.Variables.DataFileURL, Project.Variables.PromoProductDataSheetName, true);

Anybody encountered this before? 

i'm on Windows 2008

Excel 2007

Test Complete 6.50.387.7

.net framework 3.0


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  • Azura,

    Can you post what values the parameters take in the call?

    Thank you


  • Hi Azura,

    Most likely, your problem is related to permissions. Please see the "Testing Applications With TestComplete Under Windows Vista and Later Operating Systems" help topic for information about peculiarities of working with TestComplete on Windows 2008 based computers.