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2 years ago

Getting error after adding header row during Add Row excel keyword operation

I have a keywordtest I've setup with an If..Then step that checks for the existence of an excel file for output. If it doesn't find it I use the Add Row operation to create it and add the header values. 

The next step I call the Add Row operation to add the data I want. 

This is where I'm getting the following error:


"Failed to delete the 'C:\0\TC\ExportedData\mydata.xlsx' file." 


I don't why it would want to delete the file and I know the path is correct because the file gets created and the test will execute and populate the data without error after the file is created on the first run.  

This worked previously, but it's throwing this error now. I don't know when it changed because it hasn't had to create the file for some time now. So one of the recent updates may have changed something, but I am unaware of it and can't seem to find another explanation. 


Any information or ideas would be greatly appreciated. 

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    Might also be worth right clicking the Keyword Test and selecting "Convert to Scripts...". You should then be able to match the lines of code with your keyword test, and see where this delete is occurring.