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6 years ago

getting an error : error executing on Findrectbytext in win7 machine

any suggestion please

if (OCRObj.FindRectByText(repCategory))
X = OCRObj.FoundX;
Y = OCRObj.FoundY;
Window.DblClick(X, Y);
Log.Picture(Window.Picture(OCRObj.FoundLeft, OCRObj.FoundTop, OCRObj.FoundWidth, OCRObj.FoundHeight), "Found region.");

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    > any suggestion please

    Here you are:

    -- Version of TestComplete?

    -- Type of the tested application?

    -- What error do you get?

    -- What is returned by .GetText() and what do you search for?

    -- Does the error occurs only on Win7? On what OSes there is no error?