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6 years ago

Get test execution log for current execution and post it to JIRA



I am testing a desktop application and we have JIRA integration using Zephyr API for reporting the results at runtime.

The basic flow of execution is this:

  1. Create Test cycle in JIRA - API
  2. Add a test case in JIRA (which is about to be executed in TestComplete) - API
  3. Execute the test case - TestComplete
  4. Update test case status in JIRA with execution result - API

 In the fourth step I want to update the test case status along with the Test execution logs for the current test run so that in case of failure I can get first hand information from JIRA itself about what went wrong.

I am looking for a way to get current test log (preferably for latest executed test case) so that it can be sent to JIRA through an API. In the documentation I couldn't find anything related to this, so if anyone has come across similar requirement and have worked on it kindly let me know.



Yusuf Malak


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