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2 years ago

Get script function name in Python


I have a trouble with obtaining the name of the test function while running it as a Script Routine using Python.


How to retreived test function name via Project.TestItems.Current.ElementToBeRun.Caption or something else when the script is not running from ExecutionPlan as a test item but as Script Routine from the code.

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    You should just be able to assign  Project.TestItems.Current.ElementToBeRun.Caption  to a variable. What happens when you try that?


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    Hi Marsha_R  that works as expected but I would like to run my script directly from the Test Complete code editor and still have the same effect. I did't manage to figure it out if this is even possible.


    I have a defined python function that is added as a TestCase in the Execution Plan. What I want is to retireve the name of that function so the value that I should get with Project.TestItems.Current.ElementToBeRun.Caption both when running it from Execution Plan and when running it directy from code editor.