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11 years ago

Generic object for Event .ClickButton(cbChecked)

Hi all. I'm creating a generic function that will receive 3 parameters: > nomeColuna - Column name (will receive the column name from DataBase) > nomeComponente - Form's label (will recei...
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    11 years ago

    verificarClickCheckBox("bTRABALHADOR_URBANO_PJ", "chkTrabalhadorUrbanoPJ", "Trabalhador Urbano - PJ - CLT");

    Don't pass in the label. Don't pass in the string. Pass in the actual object. You have an object var

    chkTrabalhadorUrbanoPJ = Sys.Process("FPw5_CadCalc").VBObject("Form1").Window("MDIClient").VBObject("cdSituacoes").VBObject("fraSituacao_5").VBObject("Vinculos_11");

    Pass it into the procedure and use it.