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6 years ago

Future of TestComplete 14

Hey all,   Our team recently upgraded to TestComplete 12.6 and it was a big hassle to get the upgrade installed on all our machines with timing and making sure we had time to test things in betwe...
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    6 years ago



    TC 12.6 was released mid-September 2018 and TC 14.0 was released four months later - in mid-January 2019.

    Usually, SmartBear releases new major versions annually (plus-minus).

    They usually do not provide a definite list of new features or corrections for new major or minor versions, but it is not a rare case when the improvement(s) for the minor release is/are worth major one.

    New versions usually do not break existing functionality and can co-exist on the same machine with the previous major version. So it is quite safe to install a new major version somewhere and check if it works with your test code. Minor releases usually do not change internal project's structure and thus do not break compatibility. So, again, it is quite safe to install minor update on some test machine and check if it works for you.