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8 years ago

Free TestComplete 101 Training Session July 19th

Hi TC Community! We are inviting all customers to a Free TestComplete Getting Started 101 Training Session July 19th, 2016 9:00am EST - 10:00am EST.


Training will be delivered by Gregg Hanson, Manager of Sales Engineering at SmartBear,  Topics covered in the training will be the following:


  • What is Automated Testing
  • TestComplete UI
  • TestComplete Projects
  • TestComplete Test Object Model
  • Check Points
  • Name Mapping

Reserve your seat now!

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  • Hi!


    Since then will be 2 am in eastern Europe, whether it is the chence to share webinar recordings?

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      SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

      Hey escap89 please register and all customers that register even if they did not attend will receive the recording.   Thanks!

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    I forgot the time, i*m sorry. (Joined webinar at 15.50. Can you send the video to me?


    Another Question: Can you tell me, what are the main themes in the exersice sheets from Training 101 201 301.

    I tried it last month and i realized that there where many questions you didn't speak about. and many things I never will need, so I didnt know how to do (i'm the only tester with test complete, i only do desktoptesting, p e) So can you please tell me the main themes. for the trainings. (Its better i can finish this until August, --- in september my study  will go on and then there is no time for learning testComplete :-)


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      Hey petra after edits we will be sending out the video recording to all that registered.  

      Topics for 301 later this week are :

      a. Database Testing Using TestComplete
      b. Frameworks


      Then in August our next 101 session will be same topics today with different user customers answered live.

      a. What is automated testing
      b. TestComplete UI
      d. TestComplete Projects
      e. TestComplete Test Object Model
      f. Check Points
      g. Name Mapping


      Any other questions let us know!