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13 years ago


Hi, I am working to move my projects to Framework. Can anybody help me to learn more about Framework. How it works? How and where should I start with and is any additional plug-ins are needed, and so on. Pls suggest me with standard Framework links which help me to go with my work.

Also, can I hide the " Playback icon" which get displayed while play-backing the scripts, if yes pls guide me in that too.

Thanks in advance.

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  • I'm not entirely sure what you mean about the framework question, but you can use the Hide method of the Indicator object in your script to hide the indicator during the test run...

    Just add Indicator.Hide to the beginning of your script.
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    A framework is simply a code structure that utilizes data driven techniques to execute your tests.  Rather than having atomic tests where one function = one test (or a keyword test for every test case), you create a set of coded routines and units that work together to execute a set of tests dictated by an outside data source.

    Here's an article I wrote a short while back describing the framework I use:

    This one, written by Boris Eligulashvili, is a bit more complex bit it is essentially the same idea:

    Hope these give you some ideas of where to start.
  • Hi, can I know whether is there any function to check whether IE is in Full Screen mode, functions like Maximize and Minimize in TestComplete?
  • Hi Dhanalakshmi,

    I failed to find a direct way to determine whether Internet Explorer is in the Full Screen mode. However, when this mode is enabled, some of the browser controls are not visible on screen. This fact can be used as a criterion of the active Full Screen mode. For example, in my case (I use Internet Explorer 9), the value of the Sys.Process("iexplore").IEFrame(0).Window("Client Caption", "", 1).VisibleOnScreen property is equal to "false" in the Full Screen mode.

    As for the Maximize and Minimize buttons, I'd recommend that you simply record clicking the corresponding buttons.

    BTW, in the future, please create separate threads for each request that is not related to the subject of the current thread - this will help us track queries in a better way. Thanks for understanding.