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8 years ago

Framework example from TestComplete 201 class on February 15th, 2017

Hello TestComplete Community!!  A lot of you who attended our SmartBear Academy class on 2/15/17 asked for us to share the Framework example that Pramod shared.  The wait is over!!  Please find the attached sample Framwork and hope that it helps some of you continue to learn and excel with TestComplete.


Thank you pramod_tr_rao for hosting and for sharing this with the rest of the Community! Watch the replay here from the 201 class. 



What is this Framework used for?

  • Used for automation of Web Applications, helps resources with minimal scripting knowledge to create and execute scripts, with a couple of experts maintaining the framework/keywords.

How to apply it?

  • Additional keywords as necessary and can be created in order to support the AUT.

How to use it?

  • The Test Case to execute should be entered in the TestController.xls and the implementation for the test case will need to be done in the excel workbook/sheet.
  • If you look at the TestController Excel (TestController.xls) and the TestCase Excel (Orders.xls), it is self-explanatory
  • All the global settings and variables are declared and initialized in the GlobalVars.svb module
  • Driver function to be added as a test item for the project and this will interact with all the other modules for execution.



Do you have a future topic you would like us to cover?  Do you consider yourself to be a TestComplete expert and would like to be a guest Academy trainer? Please send me a message directly I would love to hear from you.