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3 years ago

Floating User License unable to activate on local machine after setting it up on License Manager PC

Given I already set up and activated my licenses on the License Manager Server/PC When I run Test Complete on my local PC  Then I expect it to find the license on the License Manager PC But it doe...
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    3 years ago

    Hi Wiltest 


    The screenshot relates to a trial license, most likely this is a fixed license. 


    With regards how it finds the license manager, you finish the activation in your testcomplete instance


    It sounds like you purchased a key based floating license. 


    This requires two things. 


    Activation of the license manager, this is completed on a separate machine dedicated to managing licenses(it sounds like you have done this). 



    Next will be the activation of the new license. this is completed on the machine using TestComplete.


    For this you need reactivate the new license by clicking on help> activate/deactivate> inserting new license key. 


    This initiates the communication to the configured license manager 


    This will then attempt to reach the license manager and complete the activation. 


    If you do encounter any other license activation issues, we have a dedicated support team to help. 


    Reach out to them if you havnt already and they can arrange a call if needed