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14 years ago

Flex Application Location Change

I am evaluating TestComplete for functional testing of a Flex web application. I have created a few simple tests that perform a few actions (clicks, typing, etc.) and then use object checkpoints to verify that everything is where it should be. The Flex application resides in several different locations and I would like to run the same set of tests against all locations,  however it seems the automatic name mapping that TestComplete creates for the actions and the checkpoints are mapped directly to the location where the test was recorded. I have tried creating a project variable containing the URL of the Flex app and mapping objects to that, but I haven't been able to get it to work, TestComplete just says it can't find any of the objects that are mapped to the project variable.

Is there a way to map the objects to some sort of variable or project property that could be easily changed for each location?

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  • Hi,

    You need to ignore the URL in your Name Mapping scheme. Edit recognition parameters of the problematic object and replace variable parts of the URL or the entire URL with wildcards.