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2 years ago

Firefox Browser Not Supported

Hi all   We have upgraded our firefox browser to latest version (108.0.2). TestComplete is updated to latest version too (   Unfortunately, every time I run a test I get the message th...
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    2 years ago


    Yes, firefox is reconfigured now but still it says the version is not supported.


    Our current version of firefox is 108.0.2 and TestComplete is Now the link below says that TC 15.47 has support for firefox version 107 & 108 so I am unable to understand why does it say the version is not supported. Any thoughts ?


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    2 years ago



    Can you downgrade Firefox to version exactly 108.0 and check if it is supported by TC ?

    If it is supported, then I would say that version 108.0.2 is not supported because it is more recent than just 108.0.