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9 years ago

Firefox auto-updated to 41.0.2, now tests won't run

I was running Firefox v41, and I used the most recent Firefox patches to make sure it was running correctly.  This morning, it updated to 41.0.2 (don't know the original version, just know it was at least v41).  This actually happened while I was running tests in FF.  After the update, TC no longer can use FF.  This is the first time I have seen TC not run on what was (presumably) and minor update, not an update from v40.x.x to v41.x.x.  Has anyone else run across this problem?  Thanks,



  • Hi Vondie,


    TestComplete suggests that I install the patch for Firefox 41.0.2. Select Help | Check for Updates from TestComplete’s main menu to download the patch:


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  • Yes, I am also affected. I am getting a "This Firefox Version is not Supported" error when I run my Firefox tests.

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    not sure if it is the same...

    I launch firefox with Browsers.Item(btFirefox).Run from scripts like

    Browsers.Item(btFirefox).Run(""); but the only thing that happens that firefox itself is startet, no navigation to url




  • For anyone that wants to rollback to the previous version, you can follow the directions on this site. Download the version 41.0.1 files And don't forget to disable automatic updates! 

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        Hi Tanya, 


        I had the most recent Firefox 41 patch (with Firefox v 41.0.1) installed on TestComplete 11. When Firefox updated to version 41.0.2, my tests were no longer running. Is the newest Firefox 41 patch listed on the Firefox Patches page compatible with this new version of Firefox?