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3 years ago

Find mapped object from alias in NameMapping?

 So I know you can find a mapped object from an alias by right-clicking and selecting "Find Mapped Object", but is there a way to find the alias from the mapped object? When right-clicking a mapped object, there isn't a similar option to "Find Alias" or something like that. 

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    An alias is a mapped object, so when you use "find mapped object" it is looking for that mapped name - either the default system name of that object or the alias (if you gave it one). You should see a split view in your NameMapping that shows you both the mapped object and the aliases. I believe your idea of "Find Alias" is actually the same as "Find Mapped Object" - I just think TC doesn't refer to alias bc you don't have to use them in your mapped objects and an object can have more than one alias.