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3 years ago

Find by text in ListView Android Mobile



I can't find in the listview the item by ControlText on the layout which is in the list.


Object path:
Aliases.Device.Process_androidclient.Layout_NO_ID.Layout_action_bar_root.Layout_content.Layout_vmc_main_content_area.ListView_vmc_screen30_list. Layout("NO_ID").Layout("NO_ID").Layout("vmc_list_row_other_lines").Layout("NO_ID", 2).Layout("NO_ID").TextView("vmc_list_row_sub_column_value")


Layout("NO_ID", 2) - number 2 is second item (layout) in list. And controltext is in TextView on Layout.... (picture)



Thank you for your advice ๐Ÿ™‚



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