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10 years ago

find a value in cells of datagridview

I would like to retrieve a value of a cell (Search) in DataGridview
I used this manual too :


but unfortuantly, when I used the sample code of this manual, I saw that there is no "wValue" property and also my datagridview hasn't got this property.


what shall I do?


this is my sample code : 



function Select()

var p, Grid, RowIndex;

Grid = Aliases.BankingWinUI.frmIssuer.tableLayoutPanel1.entityDataGridView12.dgvMain;  // this is the path of my datagridview from namemapping

RowIndex = FindRow (Grid, "عنوان", "بانک دی");
if (RowIndex >= 0)
Grid.ClickCell (RowIndex, "عنوان");
Log.Error ("Row was not found.");


function FindRow (Grid, ColumnId, Value)

for (var i=0; i<Grid.RowCount; i++)

if (Grid.wValue(i, ColumnId) == Value) //can not compile this line, not recognize
return i;

return -1;




This is the snapshot of my datagridview's properties






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    10 years ago

    Your grid appears to be based on the standard .NET DataGridView. So you need to add the the grid's class name (Kishware.UI.Windows.Forms.EntityDataGridView) to Tools > Current Project Properties > Object Mapping > Microsoft Controls > WinForms > DataGridView. This will enable advanced recording and playback using the wValue, ClickCell and other properties and methods.

  • Thank you very much indeed. my problem is solved.

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    what is your grid?

    is it compiled as said in TC documentation?

  • Excuse me, what do you mean?


    I used f10 for compiling and also some breakpoints have been set in my program.


    Thanks for your attention

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      SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

      Hi mahnazreza,

      What is your grid's class name (the ClrFullClassName property)?

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        This property has this value : "Kishware.UI.Windows.Forms.EntityDataGridView"


        Thanks for your attention