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7 years ago

Feedback needed – Code Editor Improvements

Hello Guys,


Our R&D team has started working on significant improvements in the TestComplete Code Editor. You create tests every day, so you are familiar with all the features of this editor, and you see what can be improved.


Please share with us what you would like us to add/change/improve in the Code Editor.


New syntax highlighting, changes in Code Completion, etc. Anything!

We would like to talk with you to learn your needs better.


Please post your suggestions in this thread in the following format:
- your suggestion;
- the script language you use (please pay attention to the fact that the JScript and JavaScript languages use different script engines – specify the language you use correctly).


We are looking forward to your suggestions.


P.S. We are keeping an eye on all the ideas you post to our Feature Requests. So, you don’t need to duplicate them here.

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    Everyone in the team have their own style formatting the scripts. Even if organization define some standards it is hard to follow. So It would be better if we have in-build code beautifier , so that every one in the can use the in-build version of code beautifier to re-arrange the scripts.


    Language: JavaScript  


    I think it can be applicable for all languages.

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      Not sure if this would be valid for all languages or if it was mentioned in a feature request... but with more complicated framework code where you're not necessarily making every function a test, it would be nice to be able to get reporting of some sort or at least some traceability of every place a particular function, variable, or class is referenced.  So, if I make a change to function foo, I know where all it may be impacted. Text search works OK...  but when you are dealing with classes that may not have the word "foo" in them, then text search kind of fails.

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        The ability for the intellisense to identify subobjects.

        For example:

        var parent = {
          child: "abc"
        //The code below works no problem, however Intellisense does not know what I am trying to do
        function foo() {
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    here are my ideas for code editor improvements:


    - "Dark Theme" - you know, dark background, window, menus etc. I can set background color manually however it would be nice to set dark colors for all TC window elements (it's better for your eyes :))

    - Refractor - to change for ex. variable name for all of its instances in the script


    I'm using JavaScript 

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    The automatic insertion of bracket pairs could use some refinements:

    • If you type a closing bracket immediately after typing in the opening one, it overwrites the automatically inserted closing bracket. It would be nice if this would also happen if you already entered other code after the opening bracket. For example: typing "[i]" would result in "[i]" instead of "[i]]".
    • The automatic completion of curly brackets should happen after pressing enter instead of immediately after typing {. That way it's less annoying to add brackets around an already existing block of code.
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    Suggestion: I am unable to run a PL/SQL Select in the Code Editor that has been copied and pasted from SQL Navigator. I have to enter the PL/SQL into the TestComplete Code Editor in a single line in order for it to run. It's difficult to decipher the Qry.SQL = "select... when you have to pull the scroll bar from left to right looking through the JavaScript. (I can copy the exact same formatted Select back out of the TestComplete Code Editor, paste it into Navigator and it runs fine.)


    This was JavaScript.