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February 2021 | TestComplete Community News

Hello to the TestComplete Community!


Welcome to the first edition of our monthly digest dedicated to TestComplete product and community news!


We have a lot to share: new release info, interviews (with TestComplete team members and Community Leaders), the hottest community topics, top members, global SmartBear Community highlights, and more. Subscribe to the CommunityNews tag to stay in the know. Let us know what else you’d like to see in the monthly news with the comment section below!


TestComplete Contributors

Our TestComplete Community has answers to all sorts of product-related questions, thanks to you, our community members! If you have a problem with TestComplete, you can always find help and guidance here.


In honor of those who make this page so helpful and contribute as much as they can, we’d like to shout-out the most active members of January 2021! The following TestComplete gurus received the biggest number of Kudos this month. (Kudos are a surefire way of knowing you’re doing things right and being helpful.)


They are:

AlexKaras , Marsha_R , BenoitB , tphillipshkim5 


Thank you for your efforts -- you’re doing a great job!


Testcomplete 20-Year Anniversary Trivia!

At the end of 2020, we celebrated 20 years of TestComplete excellence!


Can you guess which of these are true, based on what we learned from SergeiLisitsyn, the founder of  TestComplete? (The correct answers are hidden under a ‘spoiler’.)


1. What was the earliest ‘prototype’ of TestComplete?


a. AQTime b. An AQTime Plugin c. TestExecute d. SoapUI


[Correct answer]

B: A plugin for AQTime. It was created for automated testing, and became the inspiration behind TestComplete. 


2. The TestComplete Team values product quality above all. At one point they spent a lot of time simply improving the internal architecture of the tool. How much time did they spend on that?


a. A month b. Two months c. Half a year d. A year


[Correct answer]

D : A year. The team spent a whole year to specifically improve the internal logic of TestComplete, to ensure it’s super reliable and easier to use. 


3. What’s Sergei Lisitsyn’s personal record of working non-stop to fix things and overcome unexpected obstacles? 


a. 10 hours b. 24 hours c. 36 hours d. 2 days


[Correct answer]

C: 36 hours. Once Sergei spent 36 hours in a row working on TestComplete without any break or sleep! Wow! 


4. What’s Sergei’s advice for all people starting a big project? 


a. Love what you do. b. Trust in your team and yourself. c. See your goal clearly. d. Pay less attention to the obstacles – you will get through them!


[Correct answer]

All of the above!


How many did you get right? If you want more insights about TestComplete, watch an interview with its founder, Sergei Lisitsyn, about what went into your favorite testing tool!


>> Watch the interview with Sergei Lisitsyn


Product Updates

TestComplete gets regular updates and releases – each of them brings you something additional to support your testing efforts. We’re happy to announce that a brand-new version of the tool was released last week – TestComplete 14.73!


Some of the key improvements in v.14.73:


  • Enhancements in cross-platform web tests: you can now create and run tests for web applications working in your local networks.
  • Smarter SmartBear Test extension installation.
  • Smarter object recognition in web applications.
  • TestComplete can now identify text area and input box controls by their labels.
  • Full support for the Chromium-based version of Edge.
  • Support for recent versions of web browsers (Google Chrome 88, Mozilla Firefox 85).
  • Support for Android 11 (API Level 30).
  • Support for iOS 14.3. You can now create and run automated tests on this version.
  • Testing iOS applications created with the latest Xcode release – version 12.3.


Read about more improvements here: What's New in TestComplete 14.73.  

If you have a maintenance subscription, go here to update to TestComplete 14.73. If you’re interested in TestComplete but don’t have it, request a free 30-day trial


Most Discussed Topics

In this past month, we saw a lot of fruitful conversations start up in the

 TestComplete Community. We love a good discussion!


Check out these most popular topics in the last month and feel free to participate. Perhaps you have something to add to the conversation:



Wintertainment Feedback

The year ended on a positive note in the SmartBear Community – we set up our awesome Wintertainment 2020 event that you liked so much. Each day we posted an article on testing trends to take with you to 2021 and gave valuable advice about working with SmartBear tools.


TestComplete got its fair share of articles during Wintertainment. If you didn’t catch them the first time, you can check them out here:

If you want a look at all the articles, look under the Wintertainment20 label.  

We asked the participants to record video feedback about this event – let’s see what they have to say😊


>> Watch the Wintertainment feedback video


Thanks to everyone who sent the videos, it is always nice to see you! We’re glad you liked Wintertainment 2020 and will work even harder to bring more great events in 2021.


That’s all we’ve got for today. You’re welcome to share your thoughts and suggestions, ask questions, or just say ‘hi’ to fellow TestComplete Community members in the comments below.


Thank you, and let’s have a great February!


/SmartBear Community Team

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