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February 2022 | Zephyr Scale Community News

Hello, Zephyr Scale Community!


Welcome to the February Community news digest! We are happy to share January community highlights with you.

In this news article, you will find information about the most active participants, biggest community discussions, recent product updates and Zephyr Scale learning options.

Let's go!



Last month's activity in the Community was truly great. We were excited to see each and every participant on the forum. 


Let me name the most active community contributors for January: MisterB, MartiLobos, egvozdev, Claddaghduff, Nasar. Thank you for your contribution!




We had many great discussions in the Zephyr Scale Community in January. Here's the list of the biggest ones, please feel free to contribute:



Zephyr user access to specific project

sensitive data loaded to Zephyr by mistake

How to modified project name for Zephyr Scale

Importing/exporting test execution results from/to a CSV file


smartbear academy

You can find great learning opportunities for Zephyr Scale in the SmartBear Academy. All courses are completely free.

Enroll today and master Zephyr Scale!


Another great way to learn the basics is to attend a bi-weekly live class led by our Solutions Engineers.

The next session starts at 11am ET on February 9:




The Zephyr Scale team works hard to make the tool even better! Check out some of the improvements implemented in January:


- 3 new reports released:

  • Test execution results by tester
  • Test execution results by component
  • Test execution results by priority

- A new test cycle library added


Read the What's new on Zephyr Scale page to learn about these and other upgrades.

Haven't tried Zephyr Scale yet? Download a free trial and give it a shot!


Thank you for reading, another great month awaits.

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