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12 years ago

Failed to get the text of the list view item.

I am getting an error that says "failed to get the text of list view item." when running a test. The check that I have which is basically waiting for a job to not show up anymore in a queue has been working before, but recently it seems like TestComplete is loosing it and this is causing my tests to fail. The check works for a while, but then suddenly it shows the above error and this causes it to continue on without the job completing which causes other problems and eventually the test is a complete failure.

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    SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

    Hi Jeff,


    Could you please zip your entire project suite folder along with the log of the failed test execution and post it here or send it to our Support team?


  • I would but the log file ended up being over 10GB because it continued on and kept erroring at one point. TestComplete would not even open the log. I was able to work around this error by putting a longer delay between checks. Instead of 1 second I changed it to 25 seconds and so far I have not seen that error again.
  • I am now encountering this problem again everytime I run the tests. I do not have a log with it because I have errors being supressed, I will remove the error supression and run again so that I can send you the information.