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10 years ago

Exclude file comparison in the logs



I make plenty of file comparison through several tests (2 projects that contains several test items).


I wish I could exclude the files comparison in the case where the 2 files are different.


Is it possible ?



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  • Set some persistent project suite variable to be true or false depending on what you already know about the file differences.  Use the variable in an IF statement to choose whether or not you do the file comparison.



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      Hi Joseph,


      That's not exactly what I need,

      Firstable I want to keep the file comparison, and the boolean result of it,

      Then I also need test logs

      But I want to exclude the ability of viewing differences (when you click on "detail" to see differences in the log).

      As a matter of fact I find the file comparison log useless until it is truncated to 5000 lines.