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5 years ago

Examples of how you've implemented automatic test rerun on failures

Hi,   I found some old threads on rerunning tests automatically on failure, and know this is an open feature request. We are implementing our own solution to automatically rerunning failed tests, b...
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    5 years ago

    As for me i use mainly Excel as data source and in this excel i've a column with maxRetryAllowed and groupRetry value.

    In the script i use code to implement theses values, groupRetry is a boolean telling the script if all tests of same group need to be rerun in case of error or only the current.

    In the script i add some intelligence to adjust the retry action, for example on a web test if the error is http 401 no need to retry, if error is http 500 then add a delay and force to one retry only, on desktop test if error is low level windows alert then no retry and so on.....

    I never use Stop on Error, i manage all by code.