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4 years ago

Error while creating word document using Sys.OleObject

Hello,   I am unable to create a word document and open the word document. I am adding error message of  Sorry, we couldn't find your file. Was it moved, renamed, or deleted?  (C:\KBData\...\Win1...
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    4 years ago
    def Word_test():
      Word = Sys.OleObject["Word.Application"]
      Log.Message("Opening Word and making it visible")
      Word.Visible = True
      #Opening up a new doc
      #activated doc and adding some text
      Word.ActiveDocument.Content = "Here is some text"
      #saving as a new file
      Word.ActiveDocument.SaveAs("C:\\Users\\\\OneDrive - SmartBear Software, Inc\\Word_TC_test.docx")
      Log.Message("Shutting MS Word down")


    So the error message you are getting is telling me that you have not yet created a word doc with that name. 

    If you are choosing to create a file, then you must save that file first. Although the (Python) syntax above is different, the order in which I used the methods are the same.