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14 years ago

Error after 8.0 update


We recently updated to version 8.0. During suite runs with TestExecute we have started receiving the following error.

VBScript runtime error.

'\System Idle Process' is not a valid integer value

Unit: "Unit_Login" Line: 345 Column: 3.

The line that this error refers to is  


All of our tests use the same login script.

However, this error is not occurring on all machines, or all tests.

It began with a single test on a single machine. It is now occurring on multiple machines and multiple tests.

The machines where this has occurred so far are running Windows XP SP3 with all current Windows updates installed.

Can you provide any insight as to what might be causing this error?

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  • Hi Robert,

    Reproduce the problem, pack the folder containing your project suite, and send us the archive - we need to look into it.

  • Hello

    We're also experiencing this problem. We are using TestComplete 8, and in the last week we have upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit. Now occasionally when TestComplete starts Internet Explorer during a regression run we get this “\System Idle Process is not a valid integer value” exception and execution stops, though Internet Explorer does appear to start okay. We did not get this problem under Windows XP.

    Has there been any progress on this issue?


  • Hi Blair,

    Currently, we cannot give you any well-grounded suggestions to overcome the issue, so please zip the folder containing the problematic project suite and send us the archive.
  • Hi Alex

    Sorry, I'm not able to send you a copy of our project, but I can tell you that the problem appears to have gone away since changing the code that starts Internet Explorer from:

       If Aliases.iexplore.IEFrame.Exists = False Then

          Call TestedApps.iexplore.Run(1, True)

       End If


       If Aliases.iexplore.IEFrame.Exists = False Then

          On Error Resume Next


          Call TestedApps.iexplore.Run(1, True)

          If Err.Number <> 0 Then

             Log.Warning("Exception running IE: " & Err.Description)


          End If

          On Error Goto 0

       End If

    This has never actually captured an error, but I can only assume that it slows something down enough that IE has a chance to start up fully before TestComplete tries to do something with it later in the code.