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2 months ago

Empty .mht file from Pipeline run

I we set up Azure devops pipeline to run Testcomplete test according to the documentation:

Test are running, but the problem is, when test fails, then on pipeline there is attachement with log for test in .mht format to download, but when I download it and open, the file seems to be empty.

I read somwhere to unlock the file on windows after download, but this not helped.

Can anyone help with this ? 

Below attached example .mht file from pipeline

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    Your error is relating to,

    To get .MHTML or .MHT files to appear, you need to configure Microsoft Edge. If you search this forum and the Internet, there will be solutions.

    I'm not sure if you are using script or keyword test, but you should ideally breakdown your tests into sections, so that you can easily see and diagnose any issues quickly. Having one big test, makes it difficult.