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2 years ago

Edge version Issues

Has anyone ever had issues with scripts created for one version of a browser and then not working with a newer version? I created some scripts using Edge v88, and now they're not running on v89. The browser does open but then I get "Unable to navigate to the https://mywebsite/ page". What's the magic needed to ignore the version differences? Or is there something else at play here?

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  • Hey bwolsleben 


    Hope all is well. 


    What version of TC are you running? 


    Can you parse a small snippet of the start of your test/script  ? 




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      Hi Vinnie,

      I'm using Version: 15.31.374.7 x64. The browser does open, but then it fails to find the URL I used when I created the script. The only difference is the Edge version. I need to make a correction here, it's v98 and Beta 99. I created the scripts using v98 when it was in Beta and now with the latest Beta v99, the scripts are not working, just the browser opens, and then it Fails.


      Thanks for answering my call for help 😁