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12 months ago

Drop Down list not showing up while running

Hi Every one,

I'm recording a desktop application using test complete and pretty new to the tool.

I have field to enter address where we enter 3 characters and it will bring down the list of address, refer to screen below.

It works fine while recording, but when i try to run this after entering the 3 characters, but the auto drop down is not showing up to select the address and test fails.

How do we fix this issue in test complete.






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    Thanks for the response. I'm using keywordTests and not scripting.

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    What does your keyword test look like? Is it entering anything into the field?

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    yes I enter 3 character of any street, example Hay which will bring up a list of address available starts with Hay.


    Once Hay is entered expectation is to bring the ListstreetMatch., which is not happening.