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2 years ago

Downgrade project from version 15 to 14

Hello, I have recently upgraded my TestComplete version from 14.72 to 15.40 and made a successful migration by just accepting the changes suggested. But now I am experiencing a weird behavior with the dropdowns on just two of my four computers (all have the same Windows 10 version, same TC version, same Chrome version, and all the same settings). Whenever I try to select an option from a dropdown using the ClickItem() method, I get an error saying "The drop-down box cannot be closed." and my test cases fail.

I want to go back to TC version 14.72 but I am wondering if anyone has done this before to know if I will face any issues and if it is automatic.


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    1) Unfortunately you can't go backwards on TestComplete versions. Best practice is to keep a backup of the old version of the project just in case. Do you have a backup that you can access?


    2) What version of Chrome are you using? You may be encountering problems because of that. See if there is a patch that you need here

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      Unfortunately I didn't make a backup. But I managed to roll back the migration by simply modifying the files that TC modified when it migrated to 15.x, it was just a copy paste and replacing the number 15 by 14 in a couple of files. 

      I wasn't aware of those patches, but I will give them a try. I am with chrome version 100.x which at this moment is not available on the link you provided, but maybe in the future they upload a file for the new version.