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6 years ago

Don't see Application Name listed in Performance Counter Window


I am trying to add custom counters for tested application; however, when I get to the Counter Window as shown in the attached picture, my app name is not shown in the list.


I open Taks Manager and see my app in there.

Please give me some ideas? Thanks.


I am using windows 10.

  • Rebooted the system one more time, and the problem solved.


    Now I can see my app name listed in the Performance Counter even the app is not running yet...

    Anyway, I will close this issue.

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    Might be a silly question, but was your application running when you start to create the counter?


    From the documentation: 

    Note: If your application is not running at the moment of counter creation, close the wizard, launch the application and repeat the procedure from the beginning.
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      Yes, my application is running when trying to add counters for it.


      I can see my application in Task Manager window, but not in the Performance Counter.

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        The first step of selecting the performance counter is selecting the host.  Are you certain that you selected the proper machine/host name in the wizard?