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4 years ago

Does UI Automation affect the Qt actions?

Hi Experts,


I recorded a test that clicks the QTableWidget cell. For example, Tablewidget.ClickCell("row", "col"). It works perfect with no UI Automation window added for Qt.

While, if I add `Qt*QWindowIcon` to the accepted window list, the TestComplete hangs when invoking the `ClickCell` method. I've noticed other Qt actions, like `ClickItem` also have the same problem.

Do you have any insight? Thanks.





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        Thanks Marsha and Sonya!

        All the necessary plugins are enabled. I recorded the steps and the test can be replaied successfully. While if I added some Qt windows in the 'UI Automation' accepted windows list, the execution get stuck forever when invoking "ClickCell" of the QtObject("QTableWidget"). I've tested specifiying the row and col with incorrect value, it throws error immediately which means the instance of that "QTableWidget" is detected and correct.