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10 years ago

Does TestComplete supports Behaviour Driven Development(BDD)? If 'Yes' How? Any challenges?


We are evaluating TestComplete in context of BDD for one of the ongoing project.

This project is presently using 'SpecFlow' tool for converting business requirements into user stories and then an automated test before application development takes place.

We are using TestComplete for other project targeting regression testing and curious to know whether TestComplete can be extended to use in BDD approach.

If possible, THEN

please provide a comparison showing TestComplete better than SpecFlow

in BDD's context. Also the implementation steps in detail for it.



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  • ?? Anyone. Any experience around BDD or TDD with TestComplete.


  • Hi Sushil,

    You can implement BDD with TestComplete by combining the Connected Application in C# and SpecFlow.NET, so you write your automation steps using TestComplete directly in Visual Studio. So far I have seen impressive results.

    You need to use automation driver with SpecFlow.NET and TestComplete fits the purpose.

    There are challanges as Connected Application documentation is not clear or scattered, so you need to spend some time in trial and error until you get confortable with the API.

    Also there are few casting issues which might create noise with code check tools like ReSharper or FxCop.