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4 years ago

Does Testcomplete support to automate Slider in image options ?

Hello Team,

I have gone through many approaches for automating the slider action in the image with Testcomplete tool . however no luck to find any solution.

Can you please suggest the solution how we can automate 'slider' in the image options.


Awaiting for the solution.




  • Hello Sangamitra,


    I tried one approach while testing slider in Desktop application.


    1. Hover the mouse over the Slider location (In which the slider is getting active)

    2. Take the VisibleInScreen object of Slider and check for property whether it is active

    3. Or in case it is not getting activated you can Find any Event which activates the Slider in my case I think sliderObject.SetWidthSize(_size_)


    Let me know in case you need any help

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