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8 years ago

Does TestComplete support the DataGridTextBox Class?

Does TestComplete support the DataGridTextBox Class? 

I created a keyword test for a .Net application that adds data to two cells in a grid.  When I rerun the test, it adds data to the cells, but does not compare the two values and put the value in a third cell if they match.  The Class alias for the cell as listed in the object properties is System.Windows.Forms.DataGridTextBox.  I don't see that class as a choice in Object Mapping.  I believe the cell is a custom control, and I am hoping that if I can map it to the correct class that TestComplete supports, that the keyword test will work correctly.


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    No guarentee here... but try Microsoft Controls -> DataGridView->DataGridViewTextBoxCell.  That seems to be the closest to what you are doing.