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4 years ago

Does SessionCreator have a similar capability for ExportLogToXML

We use command line to launch our tests with the /ExportLogToXML flag.  But recently discovered SessionCreator may be a better fit for our CI Pipeline.  Documentation shows exporting test results in XML is not supported by SessionCreator.  If that is true, are there any other recommendations?  We need the XML format as we parse data in order to publish to an internal webapp Dashboard.  Thx!

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  • use this command instead

     i.e /ExportLog:"C:\report.xml"


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        Thanks Justin for the reply. In our situation, we export each test individually as it completes (700+).  When using "html" as the log format (Log.SaveResultsAs) along with launching TC with the /exportLogToXMLAlso flag (either shortcut or in command line) each test will have a root.xml file generated along with various xml & html.  


        Unfortunately, SessionCreator does not have the /exportLogToXMLAlso flag so we're stuck.  We would have to re-write our webapp if SessionCreator doesn't support or I suppose call SessionCreator RunTest 700+ times!