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10 years ago

Distributed Testing - initial help

Hi all,


I am evaluating TestComplete for using it to do some multi user tests of our application by using the TestComplete distributed testing.

I read lots of stuff at but I got a bit unsure how to start as I think words like Project are used confusingly for Projects and ProjectSuites.


My first goal is to set up a simple test of our application. The test is like this:

- host1: move an element in the main screen of the application

- host2: be passive, just check the main screen of the application and check that the element is moved and a message is displayed about the change


Can anyone give me a little initial help how I should setup the ProjectSuites and Projects?

How are the operations that the 2 hosts execute (host1: move element; host2: check screen, check message) organized as Jobs and Tasks? (I do not really get what is what)

I am familiar with "regular" TestComplete.


Thanks for any help


Best regards,