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2 years ago

Difficulty working with Firefox in TestComplete

Hi there,

I am a very new user to TestComplete and need help getting it to work with Firefox specifically. I know this is similar to some other questions which I have read, but I'm not certain exactly what I still have incorrect. I have followed the instructions at to set up firefox, however the issue remains that testcomplete seemingly only recognizes firefox as one big object, and cannot interact with any smaller part of it. 

Ideally, I would be able to interact with the address bar to navigate to a page and read anything on it. This can be done either keyword test or script it doesn't matter much to me, the issue right now is I don't believe either would work as long as TestComplete can't recognize anything within firefox as an object?

TestComplete is version

Firefox is version 68.12.0esr

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    Would you verify your Firefox version? 68 is very old.

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      The version number is correct, suppose it could just be an issue of how out of date the version on the computer I'm working on is then? Due to policy it's not an easy thing for me to fix in that case.