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13 years ago

Difference between 'Export To' and SaveResultsAs


I am trying to parse the result log to list failed tests in distributed testing.

If we right click on project log and export it to a folder manually, it dumps logs to the folder along with Root.xml

However If I do it with scripts using log.SaveResultsAs("folder",IsXML), it doesnot create Root.xml.

As per documentation both of these methods are meant to do same thing. Why do the result set differ ?



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    Hi Shubhangi,

    When you export the test log to a folder manually, TestComplete exports the results to a collection of HTML, XML, image and other helper files. This operation is equal to the "Log.SaveResultsAs("folder", lsHTML)" method. 

    For the difference between lsHTML and lsXML LogFormat Value, please see the "Log.SaveResultsAs" article