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14 years ago

Difference between directly accessing object and mapping

I am running into an interesting problem, where if I try and get a property for an object directly, it can't find it, but if I map to it, it works fine.  The problem being I want to do this dynamically, so mapping doesn't work as an overall solution.  For example, this fails:


But if I do the same thing to a mapped object, which is mapped to the above.


It works perfectly fine.

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    That doesn't appear to be the problem.  If I "highlight on screen" it shows the same object either way, it is just in running the script where it can't find it.
  • Dear James,

    I have faced similar kind of problem, in my application i have a Home Page link, if i try to map it, it shows me Object Type as Textnode and idStr as "ctl00_lblHome", but if i click on its Parent Property it has different properties (object type is Link and same idStr), so if i try to find that object by its original properties test result is Fail but if i try to find the same object by its Parent properties test result is pass.

    So i would suggest you to check Object Parent Property it may help you.