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13 years ago

DDT driver have a very strange behaviour

Hello all,

I'm havin problems using DDT drivers to read  an excel row. The program is like this

var Driver = DDT.ExcelDriver("..\\files\\test4Dxx.xls", sheet_Name);        


  var activate_id = new Array();

  for (var k = 0; k < dict_count; k++)


    Log.Message("activation dict " + DDT.CurrentDriver.Value(k + 1));

    var kk = DDT.CurrentDriver.Value(k + 1);

    if(kk == "TRUE"){

      activate_id = true;


      activate_id = false;      



The code is quite straightforward. The row is composed by a name in the first colunm and then about 80 values TRUE or FALSE. The format of all cells is TEXT. The result of the log is TRUE, TRUE,TRUE, and then about 70 nulls and then the last 2 cells are FALSE. So, some cells are correctly readed and the other are null. Office version is 2003. If none of this values was readed, I could think that my code is wrong but the fact that some values are correctly readed and the others aren't... is very strange.

Any help will be welcome.