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4 months ago

D365FO Help

Hi everyone, 


I'm a Business Analyst who mostly works with Dynamics 365 products. Recently, our team started thinking about creating automated test scripts and we started looking at testing tools. Our corporate entity already had a subscription to TestComplete so I started taking a look at that for this purpose. 


It's been difficult to find any documentation or training on how I could use TestComplete specifically with D365FO. So if anyone could point me in the right direction that would be helpful. 


I've been able to setup the integration with DevOps and associate TC test cases to DevOps test cases. However, I have yet to be able to successfully create a consistently working test case. I keep getting errors regarding missing extensions and Chromium embedded content while using the Keyword test recording function. None of the documentation has really helped. The extensions are definitely installed.


D365FO runs on web browser so I'm not sure how to setup Edge/Chrome as a Tested application. It doesn't seem like I should need to. 


And during the recordings themselves things can be very slow and TC often crashes. 


I'm starting to think TC just doesn't work for D365. So if anyone could provide some help I would be deeply appreciative. 

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