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5 years ago

Current user of TC12.60 w/ valid maint. sub - upgraded to TC14 - unable to startup

Hi all !


My company recently upgraded from TC12 to TC14.


I had a TC12 project working fine onto a VB6 program.

Since the upgrade to TC14, the TC projects stops at about each line... i'm unable to use/record proper links to most VB objects : Comboboxes, checkboxes, datagrid, most homemade OCX objects are messed up :

- The "highlight" fonction shows proper control on the screen

- The execution says "Invalid object identification criteria" when getting to the control

- I see many errors in the identification properties :

  * The controls are linked to other controls of the frames ! combobox on textbox, and so on...

  * Most NativeVBObject.Name properties are showing "error message"

  * When i try to "correct" the properties, i get an error message "incorrect reference"

  * If i delete the object and record again, i get properties : "Error: get property NativeVBObject.Name"


It's impossible to run the project, it takes me 10mn per line to correct/adapt, deleting/recording/deleting/recording again...


Is there a hint i did not follow during the upgrading process or is there a problem with VB6 objects in TC14 ?


Thanks for your help to come !




  • Hi Olivier,


    Hm-m-m... Sounds wierd...

    As per documentation, no special actions are required to test VB6 applications with TestComplete.

    I would suggest to try this:

    -- Reinstall TestComplete 14 anew (do not unregister node-locked license it prompted);

    -- Reboot your computer;

    -- Try to convert test project one more time (using either the created backup or original project for TC12).


    If nothing from above helps, you'd better to create a Support ticket via the form to speed-up the process.


  • Thanks a lot, Community Hero :) , i will try that !


    Have a very nice day !

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