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3 years ago

Creating a background script for a web app that runs all the time to capture web log files

I am working on a script that will be run in the background while our testers are working on other tests.

We are having issues where our web apps are inconsistently force logging us off. We have extended the tokens on these sights to 24 hours.


Is there away to create a script that will run in the background so that we can track down the error that is occurring on the sites?


Since this is an inconsistent bug and we are seeing it sporadically with different users our developers haven't been able to track it down and wanted to get a background script going.


Any suggestions would be welcome.

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  • Hi Largent803 


    This is a tricky one that would require looking at the bigger picture of your functional test suite.

    • Is this only happening when tests are running?
    • If so, are many test suites/instances running in parallel?
    • Are there any dependencies between tests, or perhaps some UI test/combination of tests which would invalidate a session (user logon, permissioning)?
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      No I could be completely logged out of the system and not running any kind of test. Even then I am getting the messages that I need to log out.

      This is an inconsistent problem because its very random. We have extended the tokens for 24 hours but are still seeing the issue popup any from two to six hours.

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        Sounds like a configuration issue. Since this isn't a TestComplete issue, I can't offer much advice other than to suggest you coordinate with your development and perhaps infrastructure team to setup some logging and monitoring on the environment - It could be worth looking into Bugsnag.

  • Hi Largent803 


    For this use case I would suggest using the windows task scheduler or a CI tool to run your test on a schedule. You could set a trigger to run the script every 15 minutes for example - i would suggest altering the frequency based on how long it takes your script to run. 


    Let me know if you have any other questions.