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5 years ago

COM to access .xls and .xlsx files without Excel on the PC?

I have run into a problem running tests I have devloped on my PC with TestComplete to read Excel files via COM in TestExecute on another PC.  My PC has Excel installed and the lab PC does not.  The w...
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    5 years ago

    Unfortunately, if you're creating a COM object access to "Excel.Application", you need excel installed.


    Question:  What are you using Excel for?  There are ways of reading data from excel (or writing) that use data drivers rather than Excel application (that's what the DDT.ExcelDriver object does).  


    Side note: This is why, for automated testing, I don't use Excel for sourcing external data. You are dependant upon an application that is not universally available.  CSV or text or INI or XML are all much more portable and accessible.