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7 years ago

Collaborate with TestComplete Tests and QAComplete integration

Is there a way to collaborate with other team members on the test scripts that are created in TestComplete?


We also have QAComplete, but it seems to be a manual task to not only update QAComplete with the new tests/changes in TestComplete, but I also can't find any documentation on any built in collaboration aspects. Does anyone have answers/solutions for these problems?


Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

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    What do you mean by "collaborate"?  QAComplete, with my limited understanding of it (which I don't have much experience, to tell the truth) is more about scheduling test runs, defining manual tests and tasks, and co-ordinating those efforts.  While there is some aspect of that involved in "collaboration", it's not exactly working together on scripts.


    This is why automated test development needs to be treated, in many ways, as any software development project/process.  In those processes, "collaboration" is done via source control tools like TFS, Git, Mercurial, SVN, etc.  This way, one person does some development, another modifies etc., and everyone's changes get to everyone together.


    Is this what you mean?

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      Hi Robert, 


      Thank you for your reply. In regards to TestComplete I was leaning towards Source Control being the answer.


      With QAComplete however, we can push TestComplete tests to QAComplete and have them be ran by a host machine on a schedule, which is great. But I can't find any solution/answer as to what happens to the automated tests in QAComplete when a change is made in TestComplete. There doesn't seem to be any update/sync features that I can see happening, so I was hoping someone can tell me I'm wrong and that feature is already built in, or any solutions they've come up with.