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3 years ago

Code Editor - Unexpected 'peek' popup



I am not able to create support-case, so I have to ask question here. Hope someone can help.


I have encountered this issue from time to time, and it is really annoying.

When I type sth in my script, the code editor would sometime bring up a popup (something like a code-peek), showing a function I defined in another script. The wired thing is, in my script context, there is no such invocation, so how does this unexpected code peek show up?


Please see my uploaded screenshot, I am working in Script-A, when I type something,  the 'peek' pop up, showing the function 'page_Refresh' defined in Script-B. But in Script-A, I have never invoked function 'page_Refresh', so it is odd to me to trigger code-peek of function 'page_Refresh' when I am editing Script-A


Does anyone have the same issue?


Environment: TC 14.90.432.7

Project Language: VBS

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      Thanks ebarbera 

      I have checked the Code-Completion, but still no clue. This issue appears not relevant to Code-Completion


      Here is another example in attached screenshot, the popup shows function 'toolbar_saveClose'


      1. In current script, I have not USEUNIT the script containing function 'toolbar_saveClose', and as expected, I am not able to find the function 'toolbar_saveClose' in Code-Completion dialog of current script. So it is hard to believe that I 'triggered' a code-completion of function 'toolbar_saveClose'.


      2. I don't even know what it is (I call it code-peek for now). what is the official name of that Yellow-Popup ?

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        Hi ShaunPenn 


        This is part of Code Outlining.

        You can turn it off by clicking anywhere in the built-in IDE and click Outlining > Stop Outlining.


        Once you collapse a method outline, you can hover over the ellipsis "[...]" to show a preview of the collapsed method.


        Hope this helps