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13 years ago

Code Associations with User Forms

I have created a set of user forms, along with a script unit to control the events on the forms (button clicks and form loads).  I want to use these forms in multiple projects.  When I import the forms and run my project, the event associations are gone, and I get errors in the log similar to the following:

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Unable to execute the "OnShow" event of the "Root_0AA8315E_7F1E_44C7_9CC8_9A3C7AF4B163" object. The "RunConfig_OnShow" method cannot be found or it has an invalid number of parameters.    11:50:22    0       

If I re-associate the event, it breaks the event associations with projects I've configured before.

How can I prevent having to reconfigure the form every time, or having to re-associate my events for each project, while maintaining the common code location for all the projects?

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  • Hi,

    This is a limitation of user forms - events associated with them cannot be shared among several projects. I've increased the appropriate suggestion's rating in our DB according to your request.

    Currently, you can make your forms along with their event handlers available to all projects if you add them in a script extension instead of sharing them.

    Script extensions are described in the "Script Extensions" help topic, and the "Using Forms in Script Extensions" help topic provides information on using user forms in script extensions.