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7 months ago

ClickItem selecting wrong value / Chrome 115 Support


Starting direct with the question: When will the next version of TestComplete be released (that will support Chrome 115.0.x)?


My problem below: 

Recently, the Chrome browser from my environments were updated to the latest version (115.0.x) and I encountered some issue when selecting values from a dropdown using the ClickItem method (the wrong value is selected, even if I use the name or the index).

Firstly, I updated the TC to latest version (as I saw in the change logs, an issue related to ClickItem was resolved in the latest release), but it didn't solve my problem. It even behaves worse than before (there were some 'extra actions' in the ClickItem process) 


With TC 15.50 and Chrome 111, the ClickItem method is working fine.

Attached some videos with before update, and now with Chrome 115.


Is there any chance that the next version of TestComplete will solve my problem? I would like to know when the new version of TC is scheduled for release, to know if it's better to wait a couple of days/weeks for it or if I have to downgrade Chrome and block the updates on all my environments.



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  • To find out about the release schedule and whether the issue you're facing will be addressed in the next version, I recommend checking the official website or blog of SmartBear, the company that develops TestComplete. They usually announce upcoming releases and their improvements on their website or through product update notifications.

    In the meantime, you can consider reaching out to SmartBear's support team to report the issue you are facing with TestComplete and Chrome 115.0.x. They might be able to provide you with a workaround or a potential timeline for a fix.

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      Sorry to say that, but sounds like your response was generated by AI : D 


      It would have been nice to leave me a link here to the official website of SmartBear where I can find the upcoming release dates. Thx