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5 years ago

Click Method Freezing TestComplete

In a project that has quite a few extended find objects in it, TestComplete it hanging when interacting with WebObjects that are not mapped. For example, if we find a input using a QuerySelector, the...
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    5 years ago

    Extended Find, while useful, if overused makes it seem that TestComplete is "freezing".  Extended find has to search the tree from parent to child down until the object is found.  This is why, while I use Extended Find for some things, I have it off by default and prefer to map all the objects in between and use Aliases to shrink the path.


    One thing I have also experienced is that, when performing a "click", there is some feedback that TestComplete is waiting for to detremine if the click is successful.  And if Extended Find is on, that feedback gets lost in the search for the object.


    So...  two things to do:


    1) reduce your use of extended find in your object trees and do more direct mapping

    2) Turn off the "search for visible objects" in the NameMapping engine configuration.


    These two things will speed up the searching process when looking for the object to interact with.